Morning Photoshoot

Woke up really early today and decided to try out this make up tutorial that I find rather nice.

This year I have been experimenting a lot more in make up and I have to admit, that make up can do wonders.
I have been so amazed by all the make up tutorials from youtube and how some girls can really transform!

I have no great acne problems and blessed with relatively good skin, but because of all the stress and transition this year, I have mini acne outbreaks (due to hormonal imbalance).

This puts me on alert on how i can better take care of my skin as I approach 30 – both facial products and better cosmetics.

Anyway back to topic, here are the photos taken with the help of my room’s gorgeous natural light and editing from Lightroom filters.

I would have pursue make up as a fun hobby but is too expensive (i don’t really like spending too much on cosmetic, prefer spending on gadgets)
In fact, the above look cosmetics are achieved using ZA, KATE and Maybelline products, nothing too fancy.

That’s all for this morning! Hope to catch some more winks before I start sending out resumes to find me a good job! 🙂